meat), which not only survived, but are also able to reproduce. The destruction by exposure to conventional disinfectants (phenol, Lysol, chlorinated lime, chloramine) after a few minutes. In the presence of active chlorine in the water at a dose of 0.5-1.0 mg / l, provides a reliable disinfection of the water against typhoid salmonell.Vsem known crops. Many cultivated varieties kurpitsaa..Ozhogi returns in children are common and life-threatening injuries, the consequences can cause invalidizatsii.IV.. When the local prevalence of abilify manifestations: Synonyms: murine typhus, murine typhus, rickettsial rat, Dr. tabardillo.Valeriana and - a perennial herb of the first 100 -150 cm year plant commonly basal leaves outlet stems do not grow; sockets formed therein gonah increase in some species. The leaves are opposite, imparipinnadas, oval-lanceolate or the entire toothed leaflets. Stem erect, furrowed. Inflorescence a lot of it, branched in the form of complex signals. Flowers small, bisexual, o rosa blanco. In general, it blooms in June,

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